eCommerce Crash Course – How to sell better online

Adam and Simon present a no-nonsense eCommerce Crash Course to help you get started with selling online.

04:06 – Platforms

28:36 – Marketing

42:30 – Making Money

If you want to get an online shop set up but don’t know where to start then we will help you get started. If you’ve just got your shop setup and want to know how to grow and how to make sure it makes money then again we can help.

We’ll go through the 3 most important stages of making selling online work for your business: Which platform should I choose? Which is the best and how much do they cost? How easy is it to market my online shop? What platforms make marketing easier? How can I make money? We’ll show you how you can make sure you’re making money and how to avoid losing money by showing you the simple mistakes.

This is the recording of the live session and we will be hosting it again soo so if you want to join in please email us for more details.

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